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September 14, 2011


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chloe g 8cs

i got to level 5. not that bad is it. No that's good! Sra. Croft


hola mrs Croft i got to level 8

lily 7cs

i got to level 8 !!!

Mathew S

i got level 4 Bien - Sra. Croft


i got level 4

sam h

i got 183 it got hard gd game though Well done! Sra. Croft

Michael k

Ala miss croft got to level 5 hard as well Estupendo - Sra. Croft

charlotte a

heyy ms croft, i got to level 4 and it got really hard and i ran out of time! haha :) Well done for getting to level 4 - Sra. Croft

carly 8CS

i got 243 it started to get really difficult

daniel h

I got 347 level 10!!!

hannah t 8cs

i got 456 and level 11 me gust este jusego me encanta lo bueno es que es muy divertido :)


i got 456 and level 11 es mut excelent me gusta este juego muchisimo :)


hi miss done hw Well done! Sra. Croft

Brooke 7CS

my score was 123!:D Chulo - Sra. Croft

Charlotte 8CS

I got 447 points and up to Lv. 10!!! ;) C Excelente - Sra. Croft

chloe s 8cs

level 2 :/ How long did you play for? Sra. Croft

travis w

i got 273 level 9 it was hard but i did it ! Excelente - Sra. Croft

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