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June 16, 2009


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Mrs shaw has given us these questions to answer but i dont understand what one of the wuestions means which is ¿De qué trata esta tarjeta? It means - What is this card about? Sra. Croft



Andrew D

I have been working on my oral for Mrs Shaw and I was wondering whether it would be worth including any of these http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Spanish_proverbs proverbs. I used a proverb in my French oral ('qui vol un oeuf, vol un boeuf', in case you were wondering) and I'm sure that I sounded completely stupid, but one of these did feauture in the textbook ('Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres'), and I thought that perhaps some of these would be nice idioms for the oral/essay to make it sound more personal. I just thought that I should ask what you think before I spend a long time learning them, as I'm a bit worried that if I do use them then I'll get an English examiner who doesn't recognise the proverb, and they'll just think that I'm starnge/I can't write Spanish properly. Do you think that I should use them?

Hi Andrew - sorry for not replying before - I've been away (without my computer - so have been blogless for a few days! I particularly like the quote you've included and if you could fit it in - I think it would be great. I wouldn't spend hours learning lots - but obviously if you include them in your essay (in inverted commas) the examiner couldn't fail to be impressed. The other bonus is that Spanish people do actually use them a lot - all in all a very good idea in my opinion! Have a great break - Sra. Croft. PS I bet you didn't sound stupid in your french oral...

Jordan T

I have sent you my presentation on Spanish if clauses through my school email account is it ok if
you can check it is ok


Jordan T Hi Jordan - I'll check it on Monday! Gracias, Sra. Croft


kind of... is it ok if i come and see you on monday? because i understand but dont :S chelsey No problem! Sra. Croft


can you use the subjunctive with the conditional?
so could you say, 'es posible que si...' , but how would you form it? :D chelsey Hi Chelsey - you use the imperfect subjunctive with the conditional "Si fuera posible siempre estaría de vacaciones" does this make sense? Sra. Croft

Charlotte N

hola senora croft :) don't really know whether i'm using this right or not? but i was just writing to my pen pal and i was wondering how i would say 'i hope to hear from you soon' - would i have to use espero que and the subjunctive?! or could i just put espero que oir ...? Hi Charlotte - sorry I've been slow to reply. Espero recibir noticias tuyas pronto... would do the trick! Sra. Croft


hola.. umm my laptop hasnt been working for about 3 weeks but i got a new one for christmas.But my sister has just set up the internet. Kerboodle hasnt been working so im not sure if i am doing something wrong. and do you know where the essay is.
Sorry chelsey :/ Hi Chelsey - yes, I gather Kerboodle isn´t working - so that´s not your laptop. I don´t have your exam paper at home with me, but I think we decided that you should attempt a different essay question from the internet one... ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Sra. Croft

Andrew D

Hi miss.

I have two questions.

1. What essay are we supposed to be writing to go with the rest of the AS paper?

2. Do you know anything about why Kerboodle doesn't work? I can't access the Spanish course for my homework from Mrs Shaw and I can't access any of the French listenings either. Hi Andrew! I haven't got the exam paper at home with me, but I seem to remember me saying that you should attempt a different essay question from the internet one! As for Kerboodle - it sometimes does this - I will contact them to see if they can get their act together!!! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Sra. Croft

Sorry to bother you in the holiday y feliz ano nuevo,



Hola Senora,
I'm not sure if you got my email about the essay but if you didnt - i left my essay in your room on friday on your folder because i couldn't find you,and i was just wondering if you got it? and sorry its late!!!
oh yes and here are the links for the songs:
... The second one is kind of depressing but i thought the video is good.
Gracias !!! Feliz Navidad y prosperar (en) el ano nuevo !!
Demi :) Gracias, Demi. Sí, tengo tu ensayo. ¡Feliz Navidad! Sra. Croft


here is the song I have found


Izzy :)



I didnt know where to pt the songa nd so i thought i would put it here. My song is:

juanes.. para tu amor... I LOVE ITT!! :)

youtube url:

chelsey :D:D Gracias - Chelsey! Sra. Croft


Hiyaa Mrs!
Umm i have to send Senora Shaw a picture but the mail wont let me do it. Could you please sned me a link? gracias. Chelseyy :) Hi Chelsey! I assume Carmen´s e-mail is carmen.shaw@ridgeway.plymouth.sch.uk but if that doesn't work you could send it to me jane.croft@ridgeway.plymouth.sch.uk and I could forward it to her... Sra. Croft


umm do we have to bring in our text books today to hand back or no??
:) chelsey Sorry not to get back to you! How were the exams?
Sra. Croft


have i sent my homework Hi Luke - I haven't received it yet. You could always copy the code into a comment and I will receive it that way! Madame Croft

Gemma H

miss, is it possible i can have another photocopy of my old coursework for tomorrow? i put it down somewhere this morning and can't find it now. i'll come find you tomorrow, if you have time? :)

Vicky B

Hello Jane,

Thanks for your really inspiring presentation this morning and timed prefectly that we can have a look over half term at making our own blog!
Would you be able to email me your presentation from today and how to make my own blog, please? I'd love to have a go at this myself!

Vicky - Plymstock School


Spanish trip was great!!

Check out my youtube channel:

Hola Nick,
Glad you enjoyed the Spanish trip. Nice singing...Bored, eh? How about doing something in Spanish then...? Sra. Croft. PS can you explain senortaisho? PPS Do you have any photos you could send me?


Hola ms the spanish trip was amaizing me encanta espana for topic 5 do we have to additional higher questions if not could i do them to practise for next year

Hi Jordan! Glad you loved the trip! Yes, I would like you to do the Higher questions as well - Buena Suerte! I might put up some extra help for those soon. Enjoy your holiday!
Sra. Croft



i have found a new artist in spanish...the group is really good.
the band is kudai. they do some good songs, especially morir de amor.

thank you for the questions
chelsey x

I'll definitely look for it and thanks!


hola senora croft =]
lo pase bomba en espana! gracias(Y)

umm i am getting stuck on the additional higher questions for topic 5. Is there any way that yeww could give me some info in english that could help me with the questions? If there is then could yeww send them through email.
Gracias!! (dont forget to send those pictures=]=P)

Chelsey x

Hi Chelsey, Glad you had a great time!I will get back to you about Topic 5 (I will e-mail you) and yes, I will also send the videos I have. Mrs. Shaw said she would also send some of her videos. Thanks for saying you will do a video for us - that will be so great! I'm just about to put up a post about our trip!
Enjoy your hols, Sra. Croft


thanks for the question bit

You're very welcome! Sra. Croft

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