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Hi! I've now been teaching at Ridgeway School for far too long and I thought it was high time I did something a bit different. I decided to start this blog for those students at Ridgeway (and elsewhere!) who love languages like me. The idea is that if I find something I think is interesting, I will post it here for you. Also, I really want to put your work here for the world to see. The links to my favourite websites are for you to enjoy and I really hope with the songs, the films and the other news items you will have fun here. That is the main aim of this blog!


Apart from blogging and teaching I'm also into football (not playing, funnily enough) and watch when I'm not marking :-) I also like watching tennis - particularly Rafael Nadal! Other interests include reading, travelling and talking to my lovely girls - seeing them when I can. Other than that I enjoy eating my husband's fab food and eating out when possible and I have recently become obsessed with gardening!